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Charro Days is an annual festival celebrating the history, culture and traditions of the city of Brownsville, Texas and its people. The last weekend of February, during the Charros Days, is the annual celebration of Charro Day and the first day of school. Like the previous Charron Days Fiestas, this celebration includes folklore performances where students dance and dance, as well as food and entertainment.

Since 1986, the Sombrero Festival has been included in the list of the most important events of the Charro Days, enriching the festival and the spirit of the city. The festivals consist of two events: the Sailing Day in Matamoros and the Noche Mexicana, held in Mat amoros, and other events in Brownsville.

The festival recognizes the region's Mexican heritage, and this year's nominee for the Amigo must set an example for the Hispanic community by showing excellence in both personal and professional life. Mexican nationals, this year's nominees for "Mr. amigo" are famous Mexican citizens who have contributed to friendship and understanding between the United States and Mexico and served as a "role model" in the Hispanic community.

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More than 375,000 people visit the city every year and admire the beauty of the landscape, which is adorned by the two kilometres long, 2.5 kilometres wide and 1.50 metres high glass wall.

The city of Brownsville hosts its Mexican festival every year, one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Festival participants enjoy events on both sides of our border, including music, dancing on the main streets, food and drink and a variety of other activities. The locals wear Mexican clothes and dance in front of their homes, schools, churches and shops.

The event, which includes a week of the best regional and national artists, is one of the most popular events in Brownsville and the largest of its kind in the United States. There is music, dancing, food stalls, vendors, live entertainment and the annual toss-a-thon, a traditional Texas football game.

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Every year, the Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts brings special world-class concerts to the city. Every year, hundreds of volunteers bring exciting live theater to the lower Rio Grande Valley, from the latest musicals to classics, popular television shows and more.

The Charro Days Fiesta at the end of February is a week-long festival honoring the friendships that bind Brownsville together. The three-day event is held in Washington Park in historic downtown Brownville and features a variety of attractions, including jalapeno food contests, barbecue contests and more. The Charros Days Festival begins on Saturday, February 10th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in White River Park.

The Mr. Amigo Association was founded by members of the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce to promote international relations between the United States and Mexico. The link was developed and implemented as part of a "Mr. amigo project" that fosters relations with both the US and Mexican-American communities in the city of Brownville, Texas.

Paramount News documented the first Charro Days and published a series of photos from the Valley shows in the spring of 1938.

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