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With mild temperatures all year round, South Padre Island is the perfect place to relax, play and unwind. The coast is home to one of the most popular beaches in Texas, where guests can enjoy a variety of activities including fishing, kayaking, boating, hiking, fishing and more. State parks and bird watching centers are also nearby, so you can spend a whole day in these places. For families in the Rio Grande Valley, a trip to South Padre Island is a great way to look forward to a family getaway throughout the valley every year.

Enjoy the free airport shuttle service provided by Brownsville South Padre Island Airport (see schedule here). The free Island Metro shuttle will drop you off right outside your hotel and you can hop on and off anywhere on the island. Find out more about the best hotels in the Rio Grande Valley and the Texas Hotels Association.

The island subway offers various routes for those traveling to South Padre Island, from Brownsville to Port Isabel and back. Some routes lead via the Queen Isabella Causeway to the Port of Isabel, others lead via the Port of Corpus Christi back to the airport and then over the bridge back to Fort Worth.

Texas State Highway 22 runs north to south through the Hillsboro Residential Historic District, which borders Country Club Rd. Texas State Highway 171 leads northwest to Cleburne (47 km) and passes Hillsborough on this and runs east-west to Brownsville (47 km).

The house is close to many of the city's attractions and places of interest, including the famous University of Brownsville. South Padre Beach's tourist attractions are just 25 minutes from the hotel, and island subway shuttles stop right outside. You will also be close to the famous Texas State University campus, Texas A & M University, but the farthest away destination is the Port of Texas, where you can connect to the main campus of the University of San Antonio, just a few miles away.

There are many antique shops in downtown and there is an outlet center along the Interstate, surrounded by numerous hotels and motels. The Hampton Inn & Suites is just a few miles from the Texas State University campus, Texas A & M University and the University of San Antonio.

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If you're traveling to the Shores community for a romantic getaway or traveling with friends, this is the perfect vacation rental. Click here to reserve your place now or call 877 - 774 - 0050 to speak to a travel agent available 24 / 7. If you are planning to rent a vacation home for your family, this may be the best option to spend some time with family and friends in one of the most beautiful places in the state of Texas. Additional information can be provided by members of the Chamber or companies, and we will respond to any requests.

Supplied by the Shores Chamber of Commerce and the City of Brownsville, Texas Department of Tourism and Tourism,

The South Padre Island Metro is a free shuttle service to South Padre Island and Port Isabel, operating daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. This list includes hotels in Brownsville, Texas, as well as hotels and restaurants in the Port of Isabel area of the city.

The Queen Isabella Causeway to Port Isabel passes through a shopping mall that includes a HEB grocery store and Walmart, as well as the Port of Isabel airport.

The South Padre is small enough to explore on foot, and the hotel is easily accessible from Highway 77. The free Island Metro provides easy access to Port of Isabel Airport and Port Isabel city. Guests can use the free bus service from the Fort Bend County Convention Center, but note that it is accessible by car only.

Please contact the Public Works to enquire about the ADA Paratransit Service or call 956 - 761 - 8178. We are here to help those on South Padre Island who need transportation and how to get to and from the nearby airport by the free Island Metro bus from Port of Isabel Airport and the city of Port Isabel. Please remember that we are a non-profit organization and not a private company and are not here for profit, but to help those in need of help with transportation, parking or other transportation needs.

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