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Since 2000, IDEA Public Schools has grown from a school with 150 students in Donna, Texas, to one of the fastest growing families in the state of Texas with over 1,000 students. From a small school, we have grown into the largest and fastest-growing network of public schools in Texas, sent more than 100 students to college, and become the second fastest-growing family school system in the nation.

The same goes for our alumni, as we currently have over 2,400 IDEA alumni studying or completing their degrees at over 150 colleges and universities across the country.

Many of our coaches are Latino as well, and we all have connections to that area, so you can relate to the diversity of the team and culture in Brownsville as well as our sports department.

Other families also want to escape the violence, but not everyone can just cross the bridge and behave like Juan as a US citizen. Children like me who commute to Mexico end up at Porter Lopez because they say they are lucky to live in a relative's area. There are matamoros throughout the state of Tamaulipas, and although Leo was born in Texas, he cannot afford to afford a hotel room in Mexico just to stay in touch with his parents and siblings. Risking the trip is what separates Leo Ramos from his family, so he doesn't travel.

In reality Leo and his team-mates are trying to find a sense of home on both sides of the border, but in reality they are in a different country.

Across the border on the Matamoros side is El Paso, an area that locals in Brownsville call "El Pueblo" - the area considered safe. Mexican cumbia music played in the middle of the night in a shop selling silk flowers, just a few blocks from the city's main street.

People in cowboy jerseys stood on the stack of loading space, waving American flags and cowboy banners. The vehicle's uniform was emblazoned in red, white and blue with the words "Brownsville High School Cowboys." We received and responded to the driver of the accident, received the reported accident from highway patrol and police departments, collected information, conducted an internal accident investigation, assisted students and staff, took photos, and conducted interviews and interviews with witnesses.

E-60 live streaming via the ESPN app, as well as ESPN3, ESPN2 and ESPNU and the Longhorn Network mobile app and website.

After the Cowboys' victory, hundreds of cars formed a makeshift parade, and the children were given food and clothing and driven to the bridge. The two schools even took in those who entered illegally, even if they lived in a school zone. It's about understanding that it's not good when family situations disrupt football.

A gambler who lives near the border said he was offered $1,000 to hide an illegal immigrant, but he found a gap in the fence and came to the ranch where his father picked him up. His father ran a grocery store in Mexico, the player said, and when the cartel saw him driving a new car, they took him and held him for a $40,000 ransom. There are players who have part-time jobs, whose parents are drug addicts, who have part-time families, who have their fathers, who go as migrant workers or whose relatives are connected to cartels.

On the field, he pointed to his surroundings, called things "Juan" in English, and pointed to birds: "There are birds," he said.

At Texas A & M, coaches even created a carefree performance for the players they could prove. In the Rio Grande Valley, it is about working as a unit to support children academically and holistically. Matamoros, BROWNSVILLE is a twin town separated from its twin towns by a 20-foot steel fence approved by the Secure Fence Act in 2006 and running along the north bank of the river. It is a non-continuous barrier erected under it and is part of the Rio Grande National Guard of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

It's not just about what you do in the locker room, it's about the culture, the community and the people of BROWNSVILLE, Texas.

Leo and his aunt and uncle tried to visit his mother, brother and sister on Saturday, but it was too dangerous during the week. Many of the people who work in the business cross the bridge to go to Mexico, where the cost of living is much lower. You can buy breakfast, burritos and soda there and visit every week for a few days, sometimes even for a day or two.

It is hard to look over the fence at the Gulf that separates and defines the only life his family knows, but sometimes I wonder what life outside Brownsville and Matamoros might be like, what opportunities he might find in the Rio Grande Valley. The school district is sending an attendance monitor to check the students' facts about who lives at a particular address, and some have found a way. Facebook to see which neighborhoods are active in shootings and cartel activity. Porter kept the game tight by running hard and controlling the scrimmage line, and Juan hit it out of his mouth as promised.

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