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Whether you are planning a visit to the South Texas tropics, the Brownsville Convention and Visitors Bureau is your point of contact for information on planning your vacation or business trip to Brownsville. Whether you're bird watching around the world or looking for locals for a fun weekend, here are some of the best things to do in and around Browns County. If you first heard about Brownville, Texas, or are a local in the Rio Grande Valley, we have some good things you can do.

One of the city's most popular attractions is the historic downtown Brownsville, where buildings are up to 150 years old. We have something good to do in and around Brownville for both tourists and locals, and we have some of our favorite attractions.

There is Fort Brown, which used to house the 2nd Infantry Division of the US Army and its headquarters. Several original forts are still on the common campus, including the postal hospital, the guard house and the post office quarter, as well as a number of other buildings.

Part of the district is also home to a number of museums, including the Texas Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service. Attractions include the Fort Brown Museum, the U.S. Army War Memorial and several other historic buildings.

If you choose to stay at Brownsville campsite, be sure to go there to enjoy great views of the city and its historic buildings. Visitors to Brownsfield will find a number of bird-watching sites, such as the Great Barrier Reef National Wildlife Refuge. This isolated, wide, white sand beach is located on the west side of Lake El Paso, just a few miles from the Texas-Mexico border. You can reach this beautiful 8-mile stretch of beach by driving south on Interstate 10 until you reach the sand, or you can drive north on I-10 to reach it on your own.

Boca Chica, historically known as the island of Brazos, stretches from the mouth of the Rio Grande, separated by the Brazo Santiago pass, to the south. It stretches along the west side of Lake El Paso, just a few miles north of Brownsville.

It is the oldest city in Texas and dates back to the time when Texas was a Mexican state. It is named after the city of Boca Chica, the capital of the state of Mexico at the time.

The park and museum tell the story of the war that led to the United States acquiring Brownsville and Matamoros, who fought over the territory of Texas, Mexico and the United States from 1846 to 1853.

South Padre is a little further from Boca Chica, but still a 20-minute drive from Brownsville. With two beaches, one on the south side of the city and one on the north side, it is a unique destination with two nations.

Check out the Brownsville, TX website to find out what activities are offered in this unique area. If you're exploring the 10 best RV trips in Texas, this is a great stopover for you and it's also one of the best destinations in the state.

The first place to start is the many attractions in Brownsville, including the many museums, restaurants, bars, hotels and other attractions in the city. If you're up for a great trip with your RGV, check Destination Texas for more information on the best RV trips in Texas. BrownsVILLE has a lot of great attractions to explore on future trips, including the Texas Museum of Natural History, the National Park Service, Texas State University and many more.

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The median price for homes in Brownsville is $83,800, $2,000 above the federal average for the same period. The average annual cost of living, based on the federal average, is estimated at $8,759. Similar property prices are also seen in other Texas cities, such as San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Austin. The home price to income ratio is 2.5, the highest in the country and the second highest among all major metropolitan areas, behind Houston.

The annual appreciation rate in Brownsville was 8.8%, and the five-year appreciation rate was 3.6%.

Brownsville, TX, received 80 out of 100 points in quality of life and the highest score of any city in the state of Texas for overall quality of life. Further south than Brownsville is El Paso, Texas, with an average population of about 2,500. As the southernmost city within the county and at the intersection of the Rio Grande and the border with Mexico, it is the second most populous city on the Texas coast after San Antonio. It is home to the University of Central Texas and Texas A & M University.

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